Julian Van Dyke


Stylistically recalling the works of Picasso, Miro, and O’Keefe in his paintings’ structure and vitality, Julian Van Dyke distills his compositions to their purest geometry, discovering an inner vitality within the essence of his subjects. The aesthetic of the art is based in shapes, as he flattens the planes and perspectives of his compositions with a fractured approach inspired by Cubism and Modernism. Van Dyke fills his paintings with an elegantly simple and contemporary vision of beauty, breaking boundaries of form as he finds a freedom within himself. As he creates his works in oil paints on canvas, Van Dyke moves gracefully between a subdued richness of color and strong lines. Born in Benton Harbor and currently living in Lansing, Michigan, Julian Van Dyke discovered his love of art at an early age through comic book illustration. Now working professionally as an artist, he is passionate about bringing artistic inspiration to children, self-publishing several books and working with young students in schools in his spare time.