Kiel Darling

At Delta College in 2005, Kiel Darling was influenced by professors Gina Dominic and Larry Butcher to continue studying art. Under their leadership, Darling’s skills and confidence grew and propelled him to earn life experience in Chicago (School of the Art Institute of Chicago) and Lansing (Michigan State University) where he respectively obtained his BFA (Bachelor of Fine Art) with an Emphasis in Painting and Drawing and MFA (Master of Fine Arts) Painting. He thrived artistically in their interdisciplinary curriculum experimenting with a variety of mediums with an ecologically minded approach. Darling taught a variety of foundations art courses at Delta College and MSU which taught him that teaching is a great way to learn. He also immersed himself in farming and other homesteading skills at Denali Organic Growers in Healy, Alaska where he was influenced by Jimmie and Laura Hendricks to continue growing plants and embracing interconnectedness. Community and learning are very important to Kiel Darling and drawing is an effective action he uses to culminate both.