Leslie Luttig

Leslie Luttig received her BFA degree from MSU in 1989. Her life has led her in many different directions job-wise, but she finds joy, excitement and feels alive when doing art. It’s “her space.” It’s a place where she doesn’t have to please others or try to fit into a norm. She can create freely with whatever comes to mind. To her, that allows her to be true to herself as an artist.

Leslie enjoys nature and creative images come to her often when on a walk. She takes time to notice everything around her, appreciating the odd, the beautiful, the different. Her art often has a botanical or landscape feel. All of her pieces of art are created with her philosophy of recycle and reuse, incorporating such elements into her work. She may use parts of a light fixture, electrical wire, nuts and bolts, rocks… whatever she has on hand.

Everyone needs a happy place and hers is doing art.