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Colorful Energy
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Artist statement: "I paint as a way for me to process the world around me, as well as the world within me. Every piece is an intuitive art flow that varies in size, texture, and medium. Many pieces are layers and layers deep - I just can’t stop until something tells me I am finished which proves to be both amusing and frustrating! Whether my mood is playful or painful the colors and the way they mix & move on a surface allow me to release my emotions in an abstract, yet considered way.

Exercising the need to create has helped me to quiet my mind, find my peace, and connect with an inner joy - I thought was lost. I’m constantly surprised at the lighthearted artwork I create and the bright colors I tend to use. I am deeply appreciative of my time in the studio and love nothing more than finding myself covered in paint at the end of the day.

I am largely inspired by the colorful energy my two kids, Layla and Rockford bring to me daily. Their silliness and unfiltered wisdom never ceases to fill me with wonder and happiness! Unconsciously, I am compelled by all emotions and the outcome is a an expression of both, which I am truly grateful for.

For me, creating, expressing and sharing art is a true gift which sparks a smile and the desire to create more! "

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