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(the following is an excerpt from Daniel J Hogan's website)

Hi, I’m a cartoonist!

That means I draw whimsical, quirky pictures and comics. I live in Lansing, Michigan (I grew up in Harper Woods, a suburb of Detroit). I live in Lansing with my wife, artist Steph Joy Hogan, and five cats (Nigel, Rags, Jasper, Jonesy and Goose). I moved to Lansing in 2005 after graduating from Grand Valley State University (where I studied Film/Video Production and Animation) and have been here ever since. They can’t get rid of me!

And they try. Oh, how they try.

(OK, not really)

I enjoy making whimsical, quirky, colorful art. You can buy my art in my shop, or in person at art festivals and events. Want a heads up about where I’ll be next? Sign-up for my newsletter.

Watercolor makes up the majority of my original art, but these days I’m branching out a bit. Lately I’m painting mixed media pieces with gouache and other fun stuff.

Digital art is part of my skill set too. I currently draw digitally on an iPad Pro using either Clip Studio Paint or Procreate. Most of my prints and t-shirts were drawn digitally.

My path as an artist took big turn for the better when the 2018 East Lansing Art Festival awarded me a spot in the Emerging Artist tent. After realizing I did have an audience for my original art, I’ve been attending more and more art festivals.

1127 N. Cedar St
Lansing Michigan 48906