Old Town General Store

Deep Light by Nia Whittaker
Painting, mixed media and oils
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Old Town General Store presents Deep Light by Nia Whittaker. Whittaker's use of color creates beautiful, abstract compositions evoking a sense of wonder, comfort, and luminosity.

Artist Statement - I am inspired to paint the emotions I discover within myself as I learn and grow into who I am meant to be.  I hope my art will draw people in; touching them on a deeper level, inspiring them to look inside themselves for healing, and to find their own gifts to the world.  Through my art I want to encourage people, giving them the courage to be who they are meant to be.

Artist Bio - Nia, a local artist, was always creative even as a young child.  Her parents built her an art room in the basement where she could experiment with every art medium she could think of including jewelry, pottery, painting, spinning wool and weaving.

She started exploring photography in high school and earned a full scholarship for photography in college.  She continued with her photography after she was married and began winning awards in local, state and national shows and competitions.  She had her work shown in Soho, NYC, Boston, and several pieces were shown in a traveling art show for a year.

After over 40 years working mostly in photography, she was itching for a more hands-on experience and decided to get back into painting, so she enrolled in the Mastery Program of the Milan Art Institute International.  Since then she has been experimenting, playing, and thoroughly enjoying getting her hands dirty. She is currently delving into how she can express her emotions through deep, intense colors and light, that feed her soul. Her plan is to continue working with her grandchildren, and others, in her studio, encouraging them in their personal emotional journeys.

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