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With yummy treats to sample and art to see and buy, you'll want to stop at the Old Town General Store from 5-8pm for Arts Night Out! Jenny Schu is a beadwork and weaving artist who has set her roots down here in Lansing. She is a self-taught beader and obtained her BFA concentrating in Fiber Art and Weaving from the University of Michigan in 2004. Since then her beaded jewelry has been in numerous galleries and exhibits locally and nationally over the past 12 years. Jenny has also won numerous awards from showing with the Handweavers Guild of America, and the Michigan League of Handweavers. When Jenny was asked to show at one of her favorite spots to picks up gifts, snacks and wine for May’s Art Night Out, at the Old Town General Store, she decided to go for some Michigan themed pieces and got hooked on cherries. Rhea also inspired to her to create a new Ginkgo Leave bangle design which will also be shown in 2 different versions at this event.

408 E Cesar Chavez Ave
Lansing MI 48906