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Shawn Dwyer is an artist, IT professional, designer, wanderer, outdoors man, proud father, and amateur adventurer. Shawn loves to immerse himself in art, nature, and music He seizes the opportunity to push his limits creatively, physically, and intellectually. Shawn has had a lifelong obsession with the outdoors, and water in particular. The fluid nature of my art is a creative manifestation of that obsession.

Acrylic on canvas has been Shawn’s latest artistic medium of choice. He uses paint, fire, wind, water, and canvas to create one of a kind abstract art pieces. Shawn experiences a feeling of freedom, happiness and blissfulness while painting. Knowing that for a brief moment someone else viewing his art might experience a similar emotion is truly special. Shawn appreciates and embrace every opportunity to share his art with others.

1232 Turner St
Lansing MI 48906