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Sue Allen & David Fellows at Great Lakes Art and Gifts
acrylic, pour paint, watercolor
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Experience a live demonstration of paint pouring by local artist Sue Allen, and peruse the warm landscapes of David Fellows

Sue Allen, Pour Paint Artist

I discovered fluid art late 2019. Watching videos of acrylic paint pouring was so mesmerizing for me, I really wanted to do that.  So, after hundreds of videos, lots of reading, tons of mixing, hundreds of cups of paint, and canvasses, I finally got it!! Never ending color combinations, techniques and paint consistencies are now my passion. It's also introduced me to the world of art, in the Lansing area.

I'm anxious to share the beauty and awe of pouring, this Arts Night Out, September 9, with a live demonstration, and give folks a chance to try it themselves!  Come pour with me September 9th, at Great Lakes Arts and Gifts in Old Town 

David Fellows, Michigan Artist

I am a lifelong resident of the Lansing area and had a 39 year career as a teacher, coach, school administrator and a house painter. Married to his wife Katie for 54 years, they have three grown children and two grandchildren. Thanks to my wife and family for their continued support and encouragement for my work in art.

I started doing artwork in 2017 and was influenced to pursue his art by my son and art teacher Anita Saviko of the Michigan Lighthouse Art Gallery. I started painting after I and my grandchildren spent a few days painting rocks together in the garage and decided we didn’t want to waste the leftover acrylic paint, so I picked up a brush and started. I mainly paint in watercolor and acrylics and see works of art everywhere I go and want to preserve it.

306 E. Cesar Chavez Ave.
Lansing Michigan 48906